What is the Difference Between a Wellpoint and a Borehole?


A Wellpoint is possible to be installed where the geological formation are favourable, preferably porous soil and the water table is relatively close to the surface. It consists of a PVC (polyethylene) pipe inserted into the soil with a centrifugal pump mounted on the surface. The installation of a wellpoint takes approximately 2-4 hours.
A Borehole is a much deeper extraction. A Borehole can have the depth of about 30 to 100 meters or even more. A large PVC (polyethylene) casing are used to be able to install a submersible pump to extract the water to the surface. To install a borehole it can take approximately 3-5 days.

Our Exclusive Services

We specialise in Wellpoint and Borehole drilling and maintenance. We offer a complete service that cover all aspects of wellpoints and boreholes.

  • Agriculture, Industrial & Domestic Drilling
  • Maintenance & Rehabilitation of Boreholes
  • Domestic & Industrial Pump Sales & Repairs
  • Water Tank Storage Systems
  • All Electrical Installations of Equipment
  • Irrigation Design & Installation
  • Excellent After Sale Service
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Why Invest in a Wellpoint or Borehole?

Cost Contribution

After the installation of your borehole and pump system, your only cost is electricity to run the pump.

No Water Bills

There will be no water bills, because there is no water meter.

Did You Know?

Did you know that most bottled water comes straight from boreholes?

Save up to 80% on water costs

Borehole and wellpoints can cut your water cost by up to 80%.

Borehole lasts a lifetime

Your borehole should last a lifetime, if the installation was of high standard and with modern materials such as PVC and Steel.
Save Water


Prior to all installations, we provide a written quotation. This will indicate the schedule of work and the associated costs, with our terms and conditions. To provide you with a quotation, we need information. With our knowledge and your information a quote will be ready in no time.

Dowsing: We have installed hundreds of boreholes without using the method of dowsing, but to put your mind at rest, we will put you in touch with a professional geophysicist on your request. He will charge a fee for his service and provide you with a hydro geological survey.